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We collaborate with the home owner to ensure our client gets their job done to their exact specifications. We take the time that is necessary to get the job done right and in doing so our relationship creates a foundation for future projects. We have serviced the greater Ottawa region with quality home improvements for over 30 years. We look forward for an opportunity with your next project. 

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An important fact about Pressure Treated Fences.

The posts are the foundation of a fence. The brown pressure treated 4x4s and 6x6s fence posts are useless! Why? Because they twist and curl out of shape, this is an observable fact. In new built up neighborhoods a 10 minute walk, or less, in any direction will prove this fact. 

This is why we use cedar posts for pressure treated fences. The wood fibers in the cedar have a unique quality that prevents twisting. Therefore we stain the entire cedar post with the same preservative as the rest of the treated fence. As you can see in the fence picture the preserved posts are a good color match.

Rick Ayotte

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Problem Solved !

General contractors hauling long loads is a frequent occurrence. Cheap plastic flags at lumber yards would get ripped apart, lost or blow away in the wind.  Contractors had to attach something red to a long load mostly jerry-rigged.  Adequately marking a long load was a common problem. Times of poor visibility; nights, rain, snow and fog escalated the problem so I got to work on it. I invented and patented the LoadGator. It's ready to use day or night, rain or shine. Purchase: theloadgator.com

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